In 3rd consecutive acquisition, Cadastra buys Qexpert consulting and doubles its Data and Analytics division

QExpert is specialized in data science, engineering and analytics, having already developed projects for major brands such as Grupo Boticário, Cooperativa Castrolanda, Cooperativa Agrária, Ipiranga, Hyundai, BTG and Ademicon.

São Paulo, January 2023

Cadastra, a global marketing, technology, business strategy, data and analytics solutions company, has made its third acquisition in four months. This time, the asset is the consulting firm specialized in data and analytics, Qexpert. Based in Curitiba (PR), Qexpert offers robust solutions in Data Engineering (structuring and integration), Data Analytics (analysis and application) and Data Science (prediction, productization and others), having already developed projects for renowned brands such as Grupo Boticário, Cooperativa Castrolanda, Cooperativa Agrária, Ipiranga, Hyundai, BTG and Ademicon.  Pipeline Capital Tech was the advisor for this new Cadastra operation, and ACE Advisors was the advisor for Qexpert.

With the acquisition, Cadastra doubles its Data & Analytics division and expands its scope in data beyond marketing. Since October 2022, Cadastra has accelerated its inorganic expansion strategy, having acquired M3 Commerce (a leading VTEX implementer in Brazil and Latin America) and Digital Ethos (a UK digital marketing agency).

“Inorganic growth is an important part of our growth thesis through 2025. We are taking advantage of a window of opportunity to accelerate these investments and have scheduled at least one more acquisition for this year,” says Thiago Bacchin, partner and CEO of Cadastra. 

The executive adds that Qexpert strengthens an expertise that has been increasingly demanded by the market: the structuring and complex and predictive data analysis based on sophisticated statistical models. “This capacity adds a lot to our offer of being a one-stop partner in the digital economy. It is also important to emphasize that Qexpert is a native company in this area, has a talented team and great synergy with Cadastra in terms of culture and processes”.

“We see in Cadastra a partner that already has a national and international reach and can scale up our operations quickly. We also identified great opportunities in terms of cross-selling and upselling, with emphasis on the possibility of taking our data approach to projects that integrate all of Cadastra’s Martech expertise, always generating value and responding to even more of our clients’ business problems,” said Jared Andrade, CEO at Qexpert. 

With the acquisition, the companies will work on an integration plan for the next 12 months. The idea is to perform a complete merger with Cadastra’s data area under the leadership of professionals native to this area, totaling a dedicated team of more than 80 specialists. 

Having participated in Inovabra, Hotmilk, Distrito and other acceleration programs and having been selected to participate in SEBRAE-PR’s High Potential Program, Qexpert already has robust cases that point to the potential of this partnership. 

For example, one of the projects carried out was the “agile retail” together with the Boticário Group. In general terms, a solution was developed capable of predicting the “perfect order”, reducing stock losses and stock-outs for each franchise unit, based on consumer behavior and previous sales. For Rumo (Brazil’s largest independent railroad logistics operator), Qexpert created a pilot of an Artificial Intelligence solution to divide and map the railroad stretches that present a higher probability of rail deformation (buckling), thus contributing to the reduction of the number of derailments and millions in cost reduction associated with these events. 

“These cases give a significant sample of the universe of possibilities that data brings us today, even more if we consider the digital universe that is almost totally ‘trackeable’. With Qexpert, we will take our next step in this area and develop more projects of purchase behavior analysis and prediction and many others”, concludes Thiago Bacchin.