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Founded in 2000, DBG is a holding of technology-based companies, that offers services in marketing, business strategy, technology and data within Brazil, LatAm and EMEA.




Strategy, scale and integration

We plan, create, operate and develop consumer journey strategies that deliver performance and growth from medium to enterprise companies and brands.

Our History

July, 15 Creation of the DBG holding company
April, 16 Creation of NewBlue, full service digitalagency
October, 22 DBG reaches <strong>+70 employees</strong>
March, 17 Cadastra launches new positioning as Full service digital agency specialized in performance – or simply, <strong>performance agency</strong>
November, 24 Cadastra updates brand
May, 17 DBG reaches <strong>+90 employees</strong>
July, 26 Cadastra’s HQ expansion in Porto Alegre
July, 9 Cadastra recognized as the best PPC and SEO agency in Brazil by the e-Awards
May, 8 DBG reaches <strong>+100 employees</strong>
July, 21 Cadastra wins 1st GPTW
Go live of our SaaS brand <strong>SmartSuite</strong>
Cadastra breaks barrier of 100 employees and DBG reaches +150
May, 23 Agency Adtail is founded, SMB performance agency
September, 12 NewBlue updates brand
November, 11 Lorem ipsum simet dolar
background card December, 30 DBG reaches <strong>+ 200 employees.</strong>
March, 15 Cadastra opens office in London
June, 23 Cadastra soft launch of the new positioning and updates brand
July, 7 Cadastra new office in SP
July, 8 DBG reaches <strong>+250 employees</strong>
December, 8 <strong>Cadastra hard launch campaign of the positioning as a hybrid company</strong>
July, 10 Cadastra updates brand and wins several awards
September, 22 2nd HQ Expansion
February, 18 Adtail and NewBlue merge
March, 18 Acquisition of 30% of ACCT
July, 27 DBG reaches <strong>+350 employees</strong>
July, 19 DBG opens ACCT offices in Spain and USA
March, 11 Cadastra reaches customers in +10 countries
July, 20 Cadastra releases 20 years anniversary campaign
July, 21 DBG grows during the pandemic and 100% of the team in home office
February, 9 Adtail updates brand
July, 6 DBG starts expansion for the next 5 years plan
July, 13 Negotiation of the sale of the stake in ACCT for 4.5x amount paid
July, 16 DBG reaches <strong>+400 employees</strong>

Our Companies

Our Investments

We invest in startups focused in martech, adtech and retailtech areas, but are always open to hear exciting tech-enabled startups with great people.

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Adriana Campos

Adtail’s founder and CEO, has been working for over 10 years with Advertising. Currently leads a team of 30 people and is responsible for digital marketing projects in companies of various sizes. Also involved in the strategic part of the accounts and the main person responsible for the achievement of results, for both customers and departments.

André Bonamomi

Founder of A7B, an agency acquired by DBG&Co in 2021 and merged with Adtail. Currently holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer at Adtail, with the aim of attracting and retaining clients for one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Brazil.

Débora Sabidussi

She has been working with Digital Marketing since 2005, managing media campaigns for several segments. Worked with clients such as Vivo, Samsung, Lojas Renner, Saraiva, Smiles, among others. She has an MBA in Marketing from IBGEN and a degree in Business Administration with Emphasis in Systems Analysis at PUCRS.

Gustavo Bacchin

Founding Partner
Graduated in Business Administration from PUCRS, certified professional in Google Analytics (GAIQ) and Google Adwords (GAP). Was also a professor at ESPM South in the MBA in Digital marketing. He has been in the market for over 20 years, including 8 years working in London, where he led the areas of Search (SEO and Sponsored Links), Social Media and Web Analytics in entertainment, tourism and recruitment companies. In Brazil, he worked on digital projects with brands such as L’Oréal, Telefónica, Lojas Renner, Volvo, Grupo Soma, Cultura Inglesa, Lojas Colombo, Insper, Olympikus and Paquetá Sports, among others, having been chosen one of the top 5 Sales professionals in Digital Marketing Award by e-commerce Brazil 2017. Speaker at events like SMX Brasil, ExpOn, Search Masters Brasil and Forum E-commerce Brasil, has articles published in several websites and magazines. Author of and books “SEO Insights & Trends 2016” and “Deconstructing SEO: The Inverted Pyramid”.

Hugo Novaes

Has been working in the Creation area for 19 years. Throughout his trajectory, he has passed through important agencies in the Brazilian scene, such as Talent-HQ Advertising and Scale. Graduated in Graphic Design from Unicarioca and has already worked with both brazilian and international brands such as Lojas Colombo, Vivo, Americanas, Wella, O Boticário, Walmart, among others. Some of his works stood out in several awards.

Lucas Timm

He has worked at DBG since 2017, he joined as Controller to implement new areas, processes and management systems. He is currently responsible for maintaining an agile and eficiente back-office while enhancing business growth nationally and internationally. He has experience in the Big Four in the areas of consulting and financial auditing, as well as implementation of ERP systems and mergers and acquisitions (M&As), including post-acquisition integrations. He holds a degree in Business Administration from ESPM (2010) with an academic degree and a Master in Finance from UFRGS (2014).

Nathália Corte

With more than a decade of experience in the Digital Marketing market, she joined Cadastra in 2010 as Sponsored Links Assistant, reaching director in the year of 2018 and VP of Business and Strategy in 2022. Graduated in Advertising from PUCRS and has an MBA in Marketing strat Unisinos.

Thiago Bacchin

Founding Partner
Founder and CEO of Cadastra, and Co-Founder and CEO of DBG. Pioneer in Search Marketing and Performance (Paid Search and SEO) since 1999. Led digital communication and performance projects in multinationals and large companies. In 2015, it was chosen the best digital marketing professional by the ABComm Digital Innovation Award, and one of the 5 best professionals in Marketing & Sales by the E-commerce Brazil Award in 2011, 2014 and 2018.

Tomás Trojan

Founding Partner
He has been working in the digital marketing area for over 15 years, when he joined Cadastra, and since then passed through the most diverse departments of the company, where he became director in 2008, and in 2015 he also became one of the partners of the company. Actively participates in national and international events focused on Digital Marketing, and Commerce and the Internet in general. Leads and serves some of Cadastra’s main accounts and DBG (holding company). Graduated in Business Administration from UFRGS, he has Master in Customer Centric Marketing by ESPM. He was a professor of Search Marketing and Commerce in Postgraduate Courses ESPM Graduation (2012 -2019).

Gabriel Marafon

Co-founder of Qexpert, a specialized data consultancy acquired by DBG&Co in 2023. Currently holds the position of Data & Analytics Director at Cadastra, with the objective of leading the data operation and strategy.

Jared Andrade

Data specialist with over 18 years of experience in analytics, engineering and science. Founder of Qexpert, a data company acquired by Cadastra in 2023, he is currently Partner and Director of Data & Analytics at the company. His strategic vision helps clients to extract valuable insights from large volumes of data and to turn numbers and statistics into reliable and effective solutions.


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